Sub Contractors

At Lisaderg Construction Ltd we place the needs of our client to the forefront of everything we do. We recognise that we have a duty to meet and where possible exceed their expectation for the project.

If a particular element of the construction process exists where we feel outside expertise would be advantageous we engage sub-contractors.

Before being accepted potential sub-contractors are reviewed and audited to ensure they meet a stringent set of qualifying criteria. In this regard we have a long standing and beneficial working relationships with a number of sub-contractors whose services we have been engaging for many years.

It's a partnership that has served both Lisaderg Construction Ltd and our clients well as we are able to call upon a vast array of specific skills from sub-contractors which we can ensure are of suitable and reputable quality and endorse our values and beliefs.

If you are a sub-contractor and feel you have a service that could be useful to Lisaderg Construction Ltd and your company aligns with our commitment to quality and work ethics then we would be interested in hearing from you.

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